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UAE Reaffirms Long-Term Commitment to Afghanistan in UNGA Statement
20 November 2013 / 03:16

The United Arab Emirates reaffirmed its long-term commitment to the government and people of Afghanistan in a statement before the United Nations General Assembly in New York today.

Speaking during a plenary of the General Assembly addressing the situation in Afghanistan, Deputy Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates, a.i., Ms. Hind A. Naser Alowais, renewed the UAE’s support for the resolution on the situation in Afghanistan, which was adopted by the General Assembly during the session.

The UAE commends the progress that has been made in Afghanistan over the past decade and calls on the international community to stand by the Afghan people in the important stages ahead.

The UAE stresses the vital role of regional cooperation to ensure security, stability and social and economic growth in Afghanistan, through countering terrorism, combating the drugs trade, and repatriating the Afghan refugees. To further support this position, the UAE calls on Member States and regional organizations to redouble their efforts to implement confidence-building measures and regional dialogue. The statement attached particular significance to the essential and political role played by the United Nations in Afghanistan, emphasizing that its role in supporting an Afghan-led political process must continue.

The Deputy Permanent Representative highlighted the UAE’s efforts to advance the social and economic development of the people of Afghanistan. From 2009 to 2012, UAE aid to Afghanistan totaled $267.3 million and included such projects as Kandahar airport and a road leading to Helmand Province, as well as the provision of food and aid to orphans and persons with special needs. The UAE is also working with Member States and other institutions on joint projects for the development of the Afghan economy, including the joint venture with the United Kingdom to build a highway linking north and south Afghanistan, and the joint venture with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to vaccinate children in Afghanistan, to which the UAE has allocated US$33 million during the period 2011 to 2013.

UAE supports the process of peace, reconciliation and reintegration led by Afghanistan in Afghanistan through the High Peace Council, which aims to renounce violence and to respect the rights of all spectrums of Afghan people, especially the rights of Afghan women. The UAE strongly condemns the continuing terror attacks committed by extremist groups, and it condemns all attacks targeting women. In this regard, the UAE has initiated a $20 million project to train Afghan imams to raise awareness regarding moderate Islam in order to ensure respect for all rights of the Afghan people.

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