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General Assembly, 64th Session,"Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism"
06 October 2010 / 04:53

Statement by
Mr. Ali Mohammed Ali Alshemaili
Member of the United Arab Emirates Delegation to the United Nations
before the Sixth Committee on the item entitled:
"Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism"
65th Session of the General Assembly
New York, 6 October, 2010

Mr. Chairman,                                                                                               Arabic Text

On behalf of the UAE delegation, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate Your Excellency on your election as Chairman of this Committee, and wish you and the members of your Committee every success in managing its activities.

Despite the continued efforts of the international community, led by the United Nations, to combat terrorism, one of the greatest risks to international peace and security, the threats caused by terrorism remain significant and do not only result in great harm and injury to targeted people, but also affect the sovereignty, interests, security and stability of States and their development plans. We must therefore strengthen our joint and multilateral efforts, regionally and internationally, in order to overcome this perilous scourge, which events proved its close link to other types of transnational organized crime, such as trafficking in drugs and arms. No small or large state is immune against the scourge of terrorism.

The UAE considers terrorism and incitement to commit terrorist acts, including acts of killing civilians, bombing civil and tourist facilities, kidnapping and detention of individuals with a view to obtaining ransoms or political concessions, are criminal and unjustified acts, regardless of their motives, timings and identity of perpetrators. The UAE reaffirms its support for the efforts aimed at developing existing mechanism to curb this phenomenon in accordance with international resolutions and provisions of international law and in order to ensure transparency and non-selectivity in addressing this issue.

We also emphasize that elimination of danger of terrorism requires us to address all forms and manifestations of terrorism without exception, including the state terrorism which violates the right of peoples to self-determination. Moreover, the negative practices associated with terrorism must be confronted, including attempts made to associate terrorism with a religion or culture or society or ethnic group. We must reject all attempts aimed at confusing terrorism with Islam, including those meant to ruin the image of Islam and its religious symbols. In this context, we call upon international community to condemn and prevent all hateful provocations, as they do not fall within the scope of freedom of expression but fall within acts that foster terrorism, pursuant to the UNSCR 1624 (2005), which calls for countering incitement of terrorist acts and for promoting dialogue among civilizations, cultures, religions and peoples, as part of the protective measures that should be taken in addressing this issue.

In that regard, we support the proposal to hold an international conference under the auspices of the United Nations, in order to contribute to a clear definition of terrorism and to differentiate it from the legitimate struggle of people under foreign occupation, in accordance with the principles of the UN Charter and the relevant international resolutions and norms.

The UAE, which has always pursued a steady policy of renouncing and condemning all acts of terrorism and expressing its solidarity with the victims of terrorism, affirms its full commitment to cooperate with all regional and international coordinated and multilateral efforts aimed at fighting and deterring terrorism in accordance with the principles of the UN Charter and other relevant international resolutions and conventions, including the principle of ensuring full protection of human rights to all people. The UAE has demonstrated its continued commitment through the introduction of legislative, legal and control measures in this area, which include but not limited to, arresting members of international terrorist and criminal networks, confiscating financing sources, preventing entry or exit of terrorist elements, and drying up all sources and forms of support for persons and entities involved in or associated with terrorist acts. Moreover, restricting measures were also put in place to control bank operations and transfers, border entry/exit points and immigration systems. A number of bank accounts being connected to financing terrorist activities have been frozen. Moreover, the UAE enacted a federal law for criminalizing money laundering, and acceded to the 16 UN conventions on combating terrorism, including the International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings and the Convention for the Suppression of Financing of Terrorism. The UAE also enhanced its bilateral, regional and sub-regional cooperation with other governments in the area of intelligence exchange, and also with the Interpol, and the UN committees concerned with counter-terrorism at the international level.

While we support the leading role played by the UN in combating terrorism, especially by the three Security Council committees concerned with counter-terrorism, we welcome the second review of the UN strategy for combating terrorism which was adopted by the General Assembly, and the presidential statement of the ministerial meeting held by the Security Council few days ago. We also welcome the recent appointment by the Secretary-General of Judge Kimberly Prost to serve as Ombudsperson, pursuant to Security Council resolution 1904 (2009), for assisting the Committee established by the Security Council’s resolution 1267 (1999) in its consideration of delisting requests, We hope this new appointment will contribute to strengthening the integrity and effectiveness of this committee, and we look forward to seeing further improvements in the other sanctions regimes relating to combating terrorism under the rule of law. In this context, we emphasize the urgent need to reach consensus soon on the draft international convention for combating terrorism, to ensure better guidelines and methodological tools for combating terrorism at the global level.

Finally, we hope that our deliberations on this item would lead to achieving concrete results towards realizing aspirations of our people to peace, security and development.

Thank you Mr. Chairman .