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The clothes and national costume of the Türkmen

The Clothes of the Türkmen Girls and Womans

The clothes and national costume of the Türkmens are not merely the external appearance of the Türkmens, but alsoshow their relations with nature. Türkmenistan is a hot country. The spring, which is colourful, effervescent, beautiful and full of fragrance, lasts for only two months. In the rest of the year, the steppe and the lands remain as yellow as grief. The clothes of the Türkmen girls and women, which are bright, light green, red, pink and violet, continue the short spring season throughout the year. Türkmens have always woven perfect fabrics, like linen, broadcloth, the red caftan, and robes. Even the developed weaving industry of the twentieth century has not persuaded Türkmens to abandon their traditional clothes.

The clothes of the Türkmen youngs

The ceremonial clothes of the Türkmen young are also coloured by spring. In days of war, they wear their brown headgear and caftans. The warhorses of the Türkmens are light bay. These colours harmonize with nature. So travellers describe the youth of the Türkmen like this: “They emerge suddenly, as if they emerge from the ground, and if necessary, they disappear suddenly, as if they go into the ground.

The red caftans and robes of the Türkmen

The special robes of Türkmens, their red caftans, make them look big, strong, and broad-shouldered.

Great caftans and robes protect them from the heat.

In this way, our many national characteristics make us the Türkmen.