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08 May 2009 / 04:28

Organization-administrative infrastructure of tourism in Tajikistan:

The  State committee  on youth  activities  sport and tourism – the organ of state management called to realize the unified state policy in the sphere of tourism;
Joint-stock, private companies, unitary enterprises engaged in the commerce tourist activities;
Tourist organizations belonging to trade unions engaged both in commercial and social tourism.

 Any organization (local or foreign), irrespective of the form of property that wants to engage in tourism on the territory of Tajikistan has to receive a license in the abovementioned ministry. The cost of the license is 10 minimal salaries plus 4 minimal salaries for consideration of documents required for receiving the license.

More that that  the obligatory payments have been introducedfor the right to mountaineer to peaks with the  height more than 6000 ì - 100 US dollars per person, less than 6000 ì and for trekking  (mountain-foot routs) – 50 US dollars per person. The obligatory ecological dues at trekking and climbing rise – 1 US dollar per person in a day.

Main directions of the tourism development:
mountain - foot ;
Cultural - cognitive ( excursion );
Alpinism .

Mountain - foot tourism in territorial respect is basically characteristic for neighbouhoods of Dushanbe and districts neigbouring to it (Varzob, Karatag, Shirkent and Romit canyons) and also for Kuhistan (under this name the territory covering Turkestan, Zerafshan and Hissar mountain ranges is meant).On the  West of Kuhistan Fan mountains are located (the region of Pairon, Marguzor and Allautdin lakes , the lake Iskanderkul) where scores of tourist routes are laid; several permanent tourist centers and camps are set up - in Dushanbe city, in Varzob canyon, on the lake Iskanderkul, on Allautdin, Marguzor lakes, on the coast of artificial Kairakkum reservoir in the region of the city Khojend (the former city Leninabad).   

Cultural - cognitive tourism is more characteristic for Northern and Southern Tadjikistan ( Sogd and Khatlon oblasts ) where there are opportunities for getting acquainted with archeological memorials, museums and other local sights.   

  Climbing ascensions are practiced on Fan mountains in Mastchoh mountain unit, and also in the region of the highest point of countries of the Commonwealths of Independent States (CIS) - Communism peak (7495 ì ) that in 2000 was renamed into the peak of Ismaili Somoni.

Resorts on water curative sources ("Garm chashma " , "Jilandi", "Khoja -Obigarm" , "Obi Garm " , "Shaambary " , "Zumrad " ) are very popular among local residents.                    

Visa, travel inside the country. The foreign citizens (except for citizens of some countries of the former USSR) are allowed to enter the country only at availability of the valid passport and the entry visa that can be received in embassies of Tajikistan abroad (in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Iran, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, the USA, Pakistan (the data for 1 January, 2006).   For those who want to visit Tajikistan the invitation from the local organization, firm, the enterprise, the private person is needed. The invitation shall be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or to the Ministry of Interior (depending on the purpose of visit). The period for consideration of the inquiry - up to  15 working days. In case of receiving of the official permission for entry (Confirmation of invitation)  this document is sent to the embassy of Tajikistan in that country where the foreign citizen is supposed to get visa. The procedure of getting visa is directly carried out in the embassy.   At availability of Confirmation of the invitation the visa can be received at the airport of Dushanbe up on arrival where the consular point of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan is opened.   In accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the RT "About approval of the simplified order of registration and giving out of entry - exit visas of the Republic of Tajikistan to citizens of countries of the European Union, the USA and Japan " ¹ 460 from 25 October 2003, the visas to citizens of the above mentioned countries should be given out within 3 working days.
In accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the RT ¹ 368 from 12 September, 1998 " About check points through the state border of the Republic of Tajikistan " with subsequent additions and changes,
the entry to and exit from the country is possible through any international check point through the state border open for entry. In particular in the village Nizhnyi Pianj, Kumsangir district, Khatlon oblast, kishlak Kokul of Parkhar district, Khatlon oblast, microrayon Tem in Khorog, kishlak Rusvai, Darvaz district, GBAO, kislak Khumrogi, Vanj district,   GBAO, kishlak Langar Ishkashim district,  GBAO, the site Kizi Rabot (Gunzhbai) Murgab district, GBAO, kishlak Ishkashim , Ishkashim district, GBAO, kishlak Kulma, Murgab district, GBAO, k. Kyzil Art, Murgab district, GBAO, k. Dagana Isfara district, Sogd oblast,  check-point on the central motorway Penjikent- Samarkand , k. Beshteppa, Tursunzade district, on the railway station Kanibadam,  Kanibadam district, Sogd oblast, on the railway station Nau,  Nauskyi district, Sogd oblast, the railway station Pahtaabad of Tursun-zade district, on the railway station Hoshadi of Shaartuz district  Khatlon oblast, the airports (in cities Dushanbe, Khojent, Kulyab, the borough Aini, Rudaki district).   If a foreign citizen is staying in Tajikistan more than 3 days, his passport should be registered either in hotel, or in the agency of Interior (OVIR) on the place of residence. For traveling to the territory of a border zone (for example, in GBAO) the special permission is required given out by a territorial department of internal affairs of the MoI or by OVIR.