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Statement by H.E. Henry Mac Donald Permanent Representative of the Republic of Suriname to the United Nations on behalf of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) on the Outcome document of the review of the work and functioning of the Human Rights Council
01 April 2011 / 12:16

The Member States of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) thank the President of the Human Rights Council for his presence here with us today and for his presentation of the outcome of the working group on the review of the work and functioning of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. We would also like to acknowledge the role and work carried out by the co-facilitators in Geneva.


Please allow me to indicate that CARICOM supports the statement delivered by the distinguished representative of Cuba on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement.




Human rights are of the highest priority for Member States of CARICOM. In this regard, we have been engaged in and supportive of the establishment of the Human Rights Council and its subsequent programme of work both in New York and Geneva.


CARICOM Member States have taken note of the breadth of the discussions which took place in Geneva, and are pleased to note that the outcome of the Geneva process was adopted by consensus. But consensus requires compromise, and we have also noted that there was general agreement that the outcome did not meet the expectations of any delegation or group. Despite this, we expect that the review process in New York will equally be concluded by consensus.




CARICOM wishes to reiterate that it highly values the discussions in New York, given that the majority of its Member States are not represented in Geneva and consequently could not participate in those discussions.

We are aware that much has been discussed in Geneva and the Group will therefore carefully examine the outcome of the Geneva process, against the background of their mandate.


We look forward to receiving the schedule of the future work in New York on the review of the status of the Council, to be announced by the co-facilitators later today during this meeting. We are confident that the consultations will continue to be guided by transparency and inclusiveness.


CARICOM will remain actively and constructively engaged in this review process to ensure that the outcome of this review process takes into account the views expressed from all delegations, in particular those of small developing states.


I thank u.