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Intervention by Suriname on behalf of CARICOM Under rule 74 of the Rules of Procedure of the General AssemblyAgenda Item 120: Strengthening of the United Nations system
14 September 2010 / 03:21

1. Member States are presented today with an anomaly in procedure where a request for change in the rights and privileges of an observer is being deliberated by the Plenary under an agenda item 120 dealing with the Strengthening of the United Nations system.


2. We recognize the significance of the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty and the appointment of the new representatives of the European Union.  Moreover, we appreciate the interest and initiative of the European Union Member States of the United Nations, that span two regional groups – Western Europe and Other Group and the Eastern European Group – to address the implications for representation of the European Union before intergovernmental institutions.


3. It is for this reason that the CARICOM Member States have thus deliberated intensely and are of the considered view that the present draft resolution raises concerns on principle for the relationship between Member States of the United Nations and the newly constituted representation of the European Union, in the context of their proposed participation, “in the sessions and work of the General Assembly, including the general debate, and its committees and working groups, in international meetings and conferences convened under the auspices of the United Nations, as well as in United Nations conferences”.


4. We acknowledge the EU efforts to bridge some concerns of Member States but regrettably, at this stage, we do not consider that the amendments go far enough to provide such clarity as would enable us to make an informed decision.  Moreover, as indicated at the outset, CARICOM Member States are concerned about the unusual manner in which Member States have been asked to deliberate and consider this draft resolution.


5. It is therefore the view of the CARICOM Member States that this matter should benefit from an in-depth exchange of views in accordance with the established practice of the General Assembly.  Accordingly, we request the General Assembly to adjourn the debate on this item pursuant to rule 74, to allow for further exchange of views amongst Member States.