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History of Rwanda

2000 March - President Pasteur Bizimungu resigns from office.

April - Paul Kagame is sworn in as the fifth President of Rwanda.

2001 March – Decentralisation process reaches completion. Elections take place at the District level; District and municipality Mayors, District and Municipality Councils and Executive Councils are elected for the first time in the nation’s history.

2003 May – A draft new constitution is voted on by the people of Rwanda in a referendum, receiving 93% endorsement. The constitution is promulgated. This is the first time the people of Rwanda have the opportunity to draft their own constitution and to vote on it in a referendum.

August – Presidential elections result in a landslide victory for Paul Kagame, who receives over 95.5% percent of the vote. The elections are conducted on the principal of universal adult suffrage.

September – Elections take place for the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

2004 January – Rwanda hosts the first forum of Heads of State and Government on the African Peer Review Mechanism under the framework of NEPAD.