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International Anti-Corruption Day: Join the fight
05 December 2008 / 03:21

[Dateline: Vienna | Author: UNODC] Corruption Your

Tuesday, 9 December is the International Anti-Corruption Day. The date coincides with the opening for signature of the United Nations Convention against Corruption , which entered into force in December 2005.


The Convention against Corruption is both a cause and an effect of changing attitudes on corruption. As recently as ten years ago, corruption was only whispered about. Today, there are signs of growing intolerance toward corruption and more and more politicians and chief executives are being tried and convicted.

The Convention’s provisions are the most comprehensive, universal and even-handed measures for tackling this global challenge. It subjects all the State Parties (currently 129) to the same scrutiny and sets clear rules to be applied equally to all.


In support of this positive and pro-active stance against corruption, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ( UNODC ) has launched an international communication campaign, with the slogan: Corruption. Your ‘NO’ counts . The campaign encourages people around the world to take a stand against corruption. Saying no makes a difference in fighting the crime as each ‘no’ counts.


The campaign aims to raise awareness of corruption and its negative impact on individuals and society, as well as to promote the United Nations Convention against Corruption. UNODC and its partners are organizing a series of events throughout December to mark the International Anti-Corruption Day.


United Nations staff members can join the campaign by doing the following;