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Popular game show celebrates UN Day
20 November 2008 / 12:00

[Dateline: New York | Author:  iSeek]

CNN correspondent Richard Roth reading UN-related clues on JeopardyJeopardy, a popular US-based game show averaging over nine million daily viewers, devoted an entire category of questions to the UN last month on United Nations Day with the assistance of CNN’s UN-based correspondent Richard Roth. 

For the programme, Mr. Roth filmed segments last June in the General Assembly Hall, in front of the flags on 1st Avenue and on the North Lawn in front of the "Let Us Beat Swords into Plowshares" statue. 

Even though being on TV is no novelty to Mr. Roth, he called his participation a “once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

He went on to say, “It felt weird reading ‘clues’ into a TV camera outside the United Nations after years of delivering breaking news.”

Since the programme hired its own crew and production team to take care of filming the segments, they worked with the Department of Public Information’s Media Accreditation and Liason Unit in the News and Media Division.  
United Nations category on JeopardyWhen asked how Mr. Roth was selected to participate, he said, “They may have asked me anyways, but a year ago I was sitting in the audience in Los Angeles for a taping of the Jeopardy programme and Alex Trebek recognized me.”  

Mr. Roth joined other prominent personalities who have presented special clues for the show over the years, including:  Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, Morgan Freeman, Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Edward Albee, Christiane Amanpour, Emeril Lagasse, Anderson Cooper, Charles Barkley, Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Rudy Guiliani, John McCain, Joel Schumacher, Jerry Seinfeld, Joe Torre, Andrew Lloyd Webber and a host of Nobel laureates.

According to its web site, Jeopardy's reach extends beyond the television set. Each month, its web site receives nearly 400,000 visitors.

During the course of the show, contestants listen to clues and respond in the form of a question.

Read on to see if you know the question to these UN-related clues as presented by Mr. Roth last month:

You'll fit right in here at the U.N. if you know either of these 2 languages, the predominant ones used for daily communication & signage.

What is English and French?

In February 2003 I reported on this Secretary of State's visit to the U.N. to present evidence of Iraq's failure to disarm.

Who is Colin Powell?

A gift to the U.N. from the USSR, the "Let Us Beat Swords into Plowshares" statue gets its title from this prophet.

What is Isaiah?

In 2008 one of the U.N.'s urgent concerns was getting relief supplies to the Irrawaddy delta in this country.

What is Myanmar?

Appointed by George W. Bush during a congressional recess, this U.S. ambassador to the U.N. stirred up for controversy when he served here in 2005 & 2006.

Who is John Bolton?

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