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UN wins prestigious Caracol de Plata honorary award
13 November 2008 / 03:48

[Dateline: Mexico City | Author: UNIC Mexico City]

UN Information Centres UN wins prestigious Caracol de Plata honorary award for the Stand Up against Poverty campaign | Credit: UNIC MexicoWith a quartet of ornate columns on each side of the auditorium, framed white statues depicting nymphs, and more than 800 spectators, the stage of the Metropolitan Theatre in Mexico City saw the UN Information Centre in Mexico City receive, on behalf of the United Nations, the "Caracol de Plata" award for the communications support to the Stand Up against Poverty campaign in Latin America.

Caracol de Plata, a Mexico-based non-profit organization, promotes civic culture through social responsibility and participation by annually offering recognition to the best public service messages developed in Iberoamerica (Latin America, Portugal and Spain).

UNIC Mexico Director Jadranka Mihalic addressing the audience | Credit: UNIC MexicoAs part of her brief presentation of the objectives of the Stand Up Campaign, UNIC Mexico Director Jadranka Mihalic invited the audience to symbolically stand up and be part of the generation that can end poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

In a few seconds, the stand up act evolved into a standing ovation.