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SG donates money from Seoul Peace Prize to trust funds for colleagues and for mediation

Posted: Thursday, 8 November 2012, New York | Author: Department of Public Information

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced   that he is donating the money he received from the Seoul Peace Prize award to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (centre), accompanied by his wife, Yoo Soon-taek (left of Mr. Ban), is presented with the Seoul Peace Prize by Lee Chul-sung, President of the Cultural Foundation for the Prize, in Seoul. (Photo credit: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe)two UN funds - one for fallen colleagues and one for mediation. 

"I am announcing this evening that I have decided to donate the generous proceeds of this award to advance two critical missions,” said Mr. Ban at a reception following the award ceremony in Seoul on Monday on 29 October. 

“I will donate half of the prize money to the Trust Fund that supports the families of our fallen United Nations colleagues who perished in the cause of peace. I will donate the other half to the United Nations Trust Fund for Mediation, one of my top priorities and a cornerstone of the United Nations' work”.   

Since the amount of the prize is 200,000 USD, each fund will receive 100,000 USD.
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (at podium) addresses the audience after receiving the Seoul Peace Prize in Seoul, Republic of Korea. (Photo credit: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe)Mr. Ban sought thus to “honour the families of those who died to advance peace” and to “support  efforts to keep their vital mission alive."

As he received the award, Mr. Ban recognized the important role of all United Nations colleagues.  "It is an immense honour to be awarded the Seoul Peace Prize," he said.  "I know that through me, you are also paying tribute to the United Nations, our work for peace across the world, and the diverse and talented staff who bring the UN Charter to life". 

 The Memorial and Recognition Fund to assist children of United Nations civilian personnel killed in the line of duty through acts or incidents that occurred on or after 28 October 2009 has its roots in the Nobel Peace Prize Memorial Fund created in 2003. Please contact the Emergency Preparedness and Support Team   within OHRM at   for more information.

The contribution from the Secretary-General will also help the Department of Political Affairs  to continue to professionalize its work through the development of guidance , training and policy in mediation.  DPA makes use of flexible funding to permit the rapid deployment of mediators and experts to peace talks and crisis environments,
including through the services of its Mediation Support Unit  and its rapidly deployable Standby Team of Mediation Experts .  DPA is currently supporting the work of envoys engaged in preventative diplomacy and mediation in many regional hotspots, among them Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and the Sahel. 

The Seoul Peace Prize was created after the 1988 Summer Olympics. The Secretary-General is the first Korean to win the prize.