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Judges of the new internal tribunals are sworn in
24 June 2009 / 04:30

[Dateline: New York | Author: Office of Administration of Justice]

Secretary-General BAN Ki-moon, senior UN officials and staff representatives at the swearing in of the 15 judges who are to serve on the new UN Dispute Tribunal and the UN Appeals Tribunal, 22 June 2009. (Credit: UN Photo 401157 / Eskinder Debebe)On Monday, 22 June, the 15 judges who are to serve on the new UN Dispute Tribunal and the UN Appeals Tribunal all participated in a swearing-in ceremony in the presence of the Secretary-General.  Senior UN officials and staff representatives were also present at the ceremony.

The Secretary-General said that having the judges here was a historic moment.  After many years of negotiations and planning, the new system was about to begin.  He was hopeful that it would be more professional and independent, while also contributing to greater accountability in the Organization.  The judges, for their part, expressed pride and excitement about the important task ahead of them, which they took very seriously.

Assembled at New York Headquarters this week, the judges are attending an induction programme and organizational meetings in preparations for the new system of administration of justice, to begin on 1 July 2009.   One of the main activities will be to discuss and adopt the rules of procedure of the new tribunals.

The judges, who were appointed by the General Assembly earlier this year, are the following:

Judges of the UN Dispute Tribunal (UNDT)


Mr. Vinod Boolel (Mauritius)

Full-time judge in UNDT Nairobi

Ms. Mehmooda Ebrahim-Carstens (Botswana)

Full-time judge in UNDT New York

Mr. Thomas Laker (Germany)

Full-time judge in UNDT Geneva



Sir Goolam Kader Meeran (UK)

Half-time judge (rotating duty stations)

Ms. Coral Shaw (New Zealand)

Half-time judge (rotating duty stations)



Mr. Michael Adams (Australia)

Ad litem judge in UNDT New York

Mr. Jean-Francois Cousin (France)

Ad litem judge in UNDT Geneva

Ms. Nkemdilim Amelia Izuako (Nigeria)

Ad litem judge in UNDT Nairobi


Judges of the UN Appeals Tribunal (UNAT)

Ms. Sophia Adinyira  (Ghana)
Ms. Rose Boyko  (Canada)
Mr. Jean Courtial  (France)
Mr. Kamaljat Singh Garewal  (India)
Mr. Mark P. Painter  (United States)
Mr. Luis Maria Simon  (Uruguay)
Ms. Ines Weinberg de Roca  (Argentina)