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Africa Day 2009
08 June 2009 / 09:44

Africa Day 2009 | Credit: Permanent Observer Mission of the AU to the UN

[Dateline: New York | Author: Permanent Observer Mission of the AU to the UN]

In accordance with the theme of Africa Day 2009 which was “Towards a United, Peaceful and prosperous Africa,”  the Africa Day celebration in New York this year focused on empowering African women through micro-finance.

The event was jointly organized by the United Nations African Ambassadors’ Spouses Group (UNAASG), the African Group of Ambassadors and the Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union to the UN .

The evening kicked off with welcome remarks from the Chair of the African Group for the month of May, Ambassador Mohamad, Permanent Representative of Sudan, then followed by Mrs Maimona Alfaki, UNAASG President, Mr Amir Dossal, Executive Director, UN Office for Partnerships  and closing remarks by Amb. Ratsifandrihamanana, Permanent Observer of the African Union to the United Nations.

The evening event that was very well attended by Permanent RepresenAfrica Day 2009 | Credit: Permanent Observer Mission of the AU to the UNtatives and mission staff from African missions to the United Nations, UN senior officials and UN agencies, including specialized Institutions and Observer Missions, was vibrant and joyful.

The colorful room that was wonderfully decorated by the spouses of Ambassadors, radiated warmth and hospitality to all the guests. There were also handicrafts from Côte D’Ivoire and Madagascar, reflecting the diverse arts and cultures from Africa.

The messages of the event portrayed the importance of the place and role of Africa in the international community.

In addition, the importance of Africa’s human resources in particular women, and their role in building a peaceful and prosperous continent was apparent.Africa Day 2009 | Credit: Permanent Observer Mission of the AU to the UN

The event served as an opportunity to share the diverse cultural wealth of Africa.

The entertainment consisted of several regional groups from North to south, East to West, a travel through Africa, via music. The musical groups vibrant performances set the mood for a DJ mix of all African music that followed soon after.

All in all, Africa was well portrayed as a continent of diversity, but one united and determined, moving towards prosperity.