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Programme evaluation of a peacekeeping mission
01 June 2009 / 04:01

[Dateline: New York | Author: OIOS]

UNOCI UN Police (UNPOL) officers Sakyi PETER of Ghana and Mustafa SENGUL of Turkey conduct a routine patrol of a market in San Pedro, Côte d'Ivoire. (Credit: UN Photo 395382 / Ky Chung)The report on the Office of Internal Oversight Services' (OIOS) programme evaluation of the performance and achievement of results by the United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI; A/63/713), the first of its kind, was reviewed by the Fifth Committee in the resumed 63rd session of the General Assembly (26 May 2009).

The OIOS evaluation determined that aspects of the Ouagadougou Peace Agreement are impacting the mission's achievement of results, and that the presence of the mission remains essential to carrying out the goals of the peace process. In this evaluation, the Inspection and Evaluation Division (IED) of OIOS, for the first time, employed the use of a local population survey to quantitatively gauge the Ivorian general public's views on UNOCI and its contribution to maintaining a secure and stable environment.

The local population survey found that a positive view was held of the peacekeeping mission and of the United Nations in general.

OIOS plans on carrying out evaluations of similar scope, usefulness and quality on an annual basis, and hopes to contribute further to accountability and learning in the area of peacekeeping.

The enhancement of IED's evaluation work by applying a programme evaluation approach is part of OIOS' ongoing reform efforts to strengthen oversight for the Organization.