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Countdown to World Environment Day continues
26 May 2009 / 02:56

[Dateline: New York | Author: iSeek]

Daily At the midway point in the 30-day countdown to 5 June that started on 6 May, everyone is reminded to make a World Environment Day commitment this month by trying to incorporate “do something” environmental tips into their routines and to get others to do the same.

A list of tips is available online. way to get involved is to follow the campaign via Twitter at and to urge friends, families and other twitter followers to take part and help the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) reach the lofty goal of 100,000 followers. 

UNEP is pledging to plant a tree for every twitter follower who joins in between now and 5 June.  The goal is to engage 100,000 followers on the social networking site and, in turn, to plant 100,000 trees towards UNEP’s Billion Tree Campaign

The tree-planting drive is the first in a series of mass participation events planned as part of the UN-led “Seal the Deal!” campaign in the lead-up the 7 - 18 December UN climate change meeting in Copenhagen.

In the words of the Secretary-General, “our planet needs more than just action by governments and corporations; it needs each of us.  Although individual decisions may seem small in the face of global threats and trends, when billions of people join forces in common purpose we can make a tremendous difference” [full message].

World Environment Day, commemorated each year on 5 June, is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action.  The theme this year is "Your Planet Needs You."