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Listen to UN Radio on Radio New York 91.5 FM
17 February 2009 / 04:12

[Dateline: New York | Author: Department of Public Information]

UN Radio web siteIf you listen to Radio New York 91.5 FM, you may soon be hearing "You're listening to UN Radio."

Radio New York, the radio station of the City of New York and one of UN Radio's newest partners, will be airing a story from UN Radio a few minutes before 1:00 pm, Mondays through Fridays, after The Gary Null Show, starting Monday, 16 February.

Starting in March, more UN Radio stories will be aired, spread throughout the day in between various programmes.

"UN Radio's work can now be heard in the Organization's host city on a daily basis, which is a very positive development," said Ahmad Fawzi, Director of the News and Media Division, DPI. "Many New Yorkers have internet access and can listen on UN Radio's web site, but now those who prefer the radio can also listen to news from the UN."

Tune in to Radio New York 91.5 FM to get your daily dose of UN Radio away from your computer. And tell your friends and family.