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Redesigned, multilingual UNIC web site launched to celebrate United Nations Day
22 October 2008 / 03:00

[Dateline: New York | Author: iSeek]
New UNIC Website in Arabic
To celebrate United Nations Day, the newly redesigned United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) web site will be officially launched on Friday, 24 October, to serve as the main entry point for the Department of Public Information's (DPI) UNIC network on the web.


In recognition of 2008 as the International Year of Languages, the web site is available in the six official languages of the United Nations.


The new web site showcases the work of the UNIC offices by highlighting their activities, products and campaigns. More content has been added to explain DPI's work in the field. A redefined navigational structure on the new web site makes information easier to find.


The UNIC web site will be a useful tool for both first-time visitors and repeat visitors to learn about the United Nations, its work and activities, locally and regionally.


Visitors can click on the map in the center of the page to find contact information for individual UNICs. Additional basic information about the UNICs, such as working hours, holidays, and services provided, is easily accessible. Easy to remember links help returning visitors find contact information quickly:


An important feature of the new web site is its multilingualism. UN Information Centres tell the UN story to people around the world in 130 local languages, and the web site makes that available to the world.


The new web site was created within existing resources in DPI and exemplifies great team effort and collaboration between colleagues at Headquarters and in the UNICs.


Voices from the field


A special "Voices from the field" section features short video clips of UNIC colleagues talking about their work as well as interesting stories on UNIC outreach activities that highlight the human aspect of the UNIC network. The video clips will be recorded in local languages to emphasize the global nature of the UNICs.


New technologies


Visitors can follow UNIC activities in a blog which is easy to navigate and makes information easier to find through the use of tags and categories.


The web site uses new technologies such as RSS feeds to enable visitors to receive updates about UNIC activities automatically and to allow them to forward and share information easily.


DPI will be exploring additional ways to take advantage of social networking tools and other new technologies to connect the UNICs with the people they serve. 

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