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ECOSOC web site now available in all 6 UN official languages
03 October 2008 / 11:32

[Dateline: New York | Author: OESC/DESA]

ECOSOC banner As part of its efforts to retool the official web site of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and in light of the resolution on multilingualism (A/RES/61/266) and the 2008 International Year of Languages, DESA's Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination, in collaboration with the Department of Public Information (DPI), has launched the ECOSOC web site in all six official languages of the United Nations.


The multilingual web site provides information on the work of the Council and its subsidiary bodies, and promotes the new functions of ECOSOC (Annual Ministerial Review and Development Cooperation Forum), and the Council’s role in advancing the UN development agenda, including the Millennium Development Goals.


ECOSOC web site The Secretary-General stressed in his report to the General Assembly that "Efforts to promote multilingualism are vital for fostering diversity and plurality within the United Nations. They also enable the Organization to provide the best possible support to Member States, particularly in their deliberative bodies, and to project the work and values of the United Nations to the largest audience" (A/61/317).


The ECOSOC web site also features the new "Development Strategies that Work" database which is a growing collection of policies and programmes, outcomes and analyses based on information provided by governments in the national reports and voluntary presentations prepared for the Annual Ministerial Reviews of the Economic and Social Council. The web site highlights countries' successes, challenges, lessons learned and partnership initiatives as they strive to meet the internationally agreed development goals.


Delegations, UN staff, the press and the public at large will be able to find on the ECOSOC web site recent statements and the most current stories published by the UN News Centre, UN Radio programmes and press releases on ECOSOC and its activities. The "ECOSOC News and Media Services" internet site connects to DPI’s large selection of audio, video and media products. The ECOSOC radio and ECOSOC video not only reflect the work of the Council, but also present audio and visual programs on economic and social issues.


The ECOSOC web site also features the latest press releases and statements, as well as information on the current President of ECOSOC and its Bureau, former Presidents, the membership of the Council, and historical information on ECOSOC’s work. 

ECOSOC web site

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