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New report focuses on safety and security of UN staff
01 October 2008 / 04:37

[Dateline: New York | Author: iSeek]

United Nations security officers in New York raise the UN flag earlier this year during a Staff Day ceremony, paying tribute to personnel who lost their lives in the service of peace | Credit: UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras (175405)The Secretary-General has released a report (A/63/305) highlighting significant challenges and threats to the security and safety of humanitarian and United Nations personnel, saying he is “gravely concerned by the wide scale of threats, the rise in deliberate targeting of humanitarian and UN personnel and their vulnerability worldwide.”

The report covers the period from 1 July 2007 to 30 June 2008.

The report provides updates on the safety and security of humanitarian and United Nations personnel over the past year and on the efforts of the Department of Safety and Security to implement the recommendations of the General Assembly (A/RES/62/95) that fall under the responsibility of the Department.

As outlined in the report summary, it also focuses on the Organization’s efforts to ensure respect for the human rights, privileges and immunities of humanitarian and United Nations personnel, and to promote a culture of security consciousness, collaboration and accountability at all levels.

The report calls for international collective responsibility, according to international laws and principles, and closer collaboration between the United Nations and host Governments to ensure the safety and security of humanitarian and United Nations personnel.

According to the related UN News Centre story, “the period under review saw 490 attacks against UN offices, convoys and premises, with a 38 percent increase in deaths of UN staff – or 26 deaths compared to 16 in the previous year. The majority of those casualties, 22 of the 26, were locally-recruited humanitarian and UN personnel.”

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