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Listening on the Go: UN audio content now available on any phone

10 December 2013, Global | DPI

In an exciting new collaboration, the Department of Public Information (DPI) has joined forces with AudioNow, the world’s largest call-to-listen platform, to offer you and other listeners UN audio content (including radio programmes, news and features, daily press briefings, and live coverage of meetings and events) on any landline or mobile device by simply calling a local access number.

This service is unique as it does not require a smartphone or apps and it uses voice minutes rather than data plans, making it the least expensive way to access such content. This is especially relevant as some 70 per cent of mobile phones in use in developing nations, nearly half of those in Europe and one third in the United States, are feature phones with no access to apps.

By calling into the service — which just launched today in the United States — you will be able to listen to daily news and features from UN Radio in the six official languages plus Kiswahili and Portuguese, as well as audio from UNTV programmes such as 21st Century and UN in Action. Daily press briefings and live coverage of the General Assembly, the Security Council and other events are also available, as well as other content from across the UN system, including in-depth interviews.

“We are excited to join forces with AudioNow to make it easier for people access UN programming,” says Stéphane Dujarric, Director of the News and Media Division in DPI. “This collaboration is an example of an innovative and cost-effective way to take UN stories and issues directly to audiences worldwide in multiple languages.”

“UN audio programmes play a tremendous role in providing information critical to the UN’s mandates,” says Elan Blutinger, Chairman and CEO of AudioNow. “We’re honoured to expand the UN’s reach to mobile phones, particularly in the developing world. This fits with our core objective, to enable anyone, anywhere to connect to the news that matters with just a simple phone call.”

The service is planned to expand globally over the next few months, with the next rollout in South Africa, Brazil and Switzerland, followed by selected countries in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and the Caribbean.

You can find local access numbers in the United States on the United Nations Multimedia page at Call-in numbers for other countries will also be announced on the UN Multimedia site as they are launched.

AudioNow's services are currently available in 34 countries and through its many collaborations it connects more than 1 million listeners to programming in 62 different languages. AudioNow is offering the service to the UN pro bono