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New publication offers UN perspective on Security Sector Reform

Posted: Thursday, 31 May 2012, New York | Author: Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions

Click here for the 'UN SSR Perspective'! "Security Sector Reform (SSR) is not palliative or short-term. It is a core element of multidimensional peacekeeping and peacebuilding, essential for addressing the roots of conflict and building the foundations of long-term peace and development," states Ban Ki–moon, Secretary–General of the United Nations, at the beginning of a new 52-page publication that offers the UN view on SSR.

The UN SSR Perspective was produced by DPKO’s SSR Unit, which serves as the focal point and technical resource capacity for the UN system, as well as national and international partners. This publication, the first of its kind, describes the evolution of the UN SSR agenda and showcases activities being undertaken in the field and by the SSR Unit at Headquarters.

"We believe that the UN dedication to SSR, as shown in this publication and other ongoing joint initiatives, will contribute to internally shaping our response," explains Judy Cheng-Hopkins, Assistant Secretary–General for Peacebuilding Support in an Afterword included in the magazine.

The SSR Unit focuses on three areas: it supports the rapidly expanding number of field Missions and Offices involved in assisting national SSR efforts. It develops guidance and fosters a normative basis for SSR. It co-chairs the UN Inter-agency SSR Task Force at the working level, and serves as its secretariat.

"UN assistance to national SSR processes goes beyond critical exercises like 'right-sizing' the security services or 'training and equipping' uniformed personnel. The aim of SSR is to strengthen the entire security sector architecture and values, including by enhancing sector-wide oversight and governance," states Mr. Hervé Ladsous, Under–Secretary–General for Peacekeeping in the magazine.

The SSR Perspective offers an overview of the many innovative ways in which the UN is engaged in supporting the issue, in partnership with Member States, regional organizations and civil society.

"We need to transform and rebuild the social contract upon which rule of law and security institutions are predicated. Such foundations are essential for sustainably addressing the fragility of rule of law and security institutions and thus to solidify the gains of peacekeeping and peacebuilding more broadly," explains the Chief of the SSR Unit, Mr. Adedeji Ebo.

The publication of the SSR Perspective coincides with the annual observance of the International Day of UN Peacekeepers 2012   . This year’s theme was "Global Partnerships."