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The movies want you!

Posted: Tuesday, 22 May 2012, New York | Author: Department of Public Information/Daniela Sinobad  

(Image credit: GDU)Just as Sidney Pollack brought us the story of a UN interpreter who single-handedly thwarted the assassination of an African president, Japanese Director Junji Sakamoto now offers the story of an international financial conspiracy seeking to right the unfairness of the world in The Human Trust.

The Department of Public Information’s Creative Community Outreach Initiative (CCOI) is now partnering with a Japanese production company for an on-location film shoot at the General Assembly.  The scenes at the UN will present the climax of The Human Trust when the film’s main character gives a speech at the UN to garner global support.

We are looking for movie extras for this upcoming weekend (26 May). If you are interested, click  here   to find out more.

The CCOI was established in 2009 to partner with the television and film industries with the purpose of capitalizing on the creative community’s outreach potential in promotion of United Nations goals and values.  The movies want you! (Photo: DPI)After the successful collaboration for The Interpreter, a fictional drama, and Che, a historically accurate representation of Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s speech at the General Assembly, the CCOI continues to welcome TV and film projects.

Production companies mostly approach us with the desire to present their stories with a genuine feel.  They want the real locations, the real stories and often time, the real people.  The movies want you! 

In this regard, the CCOI continues to develop a network of UN colleagues in the many bodies within the UN system to provide technical advice.  We also open our doors to on-location shoots at New York Headquarters and assist with access to our many offices worldwide.  Recently, we have begun compiling the real life stories of our colleagues to inspire television and film storylines. 

CCOI projects increasingly include the many formats of television and film, such as dramas, science fiction, comedy, documentary and reality TV.  To learn more about the work of the Creative Community Outreach Initiative, please visit our website   .  You can also reach us at   to share your stories with us.