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Standing Police Capacity Assistance Mission to UNPOS: Bringing together all stakeholders
04 October 2010 / 11:25

[Autor: OROLSI]SPC Members attending a conference in Somaliland on the reform of police services (Courtesy: OROLSI)

The DPKO Police Division’s Standing Police Capacity just ended its assistance mission to the headquarters of the United Nations Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS) in Nairobi.

Following a request from the leadership of UNPOS, a Standing Police Capacity team was deployed in August 2009 to provide advice and support to the Mission on strategic issues related to the capacity building of the Somali Police and to create a coordination mechanism between the International Community representatives and Somali authorities on police programmes and projects. 

The SPC team was composed of Mr. Laurentiu Mircea Sobu, SPC Reform Adviser, and Ms. Bharati Ghosh, SPC Policy and Planning Officer.  Mr. Sobu is a senior police officer from Romania with long experience in police reform, programs and project management. He served in UNMIK as chief of KPSDS and with the EU Police Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina as chief adviser. Ms. Ghosh is a senior police officer from India with long experience in planning, who previously served with the UN as a Commander in UNMIK and contributed during her SPC appointment to the police planning for Somalia for almost a year before being deployed in UNPOS. SPC members at the Joint Security Committee, in the UN premises in nairobi, Kenya (Courtesy: OROLSI)

The SPC UNPOS police team jointly with UNPOS colleagues supported the organization of the Joint Security Committee (JSC). The latest session of the JSC, held in August 2010, was jointly chaired by the SRSG UNPOS Mr. Augustine Mahiga and Somalia‘s Prime Minister H.E. Omar A.A. Sharmarke. Attendees included several Somali ministers, representatives of IGAD, AU, EU, EASBRICOM, numerous ambassadors and representatives of UNDP, UNICEF and others. The SPC team also successfully developed a coordination mechanism among the main stakeholders in the police matters. The Police Technical Working Group (PTWG) under the Joint Security Committee brought on board all key police stakeholders (UNDP, AMISOM, UNSOA, Somali Police Force, UNPOS and major donors like the EU, Japan, USA,  Norway, UK) and worked to coordinate all the activities related to the development of the Somali Police. The PTWG is chaired by Somali police.