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MINUSTAH commemorates six months after 12 January earthquake in Haiti
16 July 2010 / 05:03

[Dateline: New York | Author: Department of Peacekeeping Operations]

TheUnited Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and other UN staff gathered at a commemoration ceremony on 12 July in memory of our colleagues that tragically lost their lives on 12 January 2010. "This morning we all gathered around their names, their memories and the bonds of love, friendship and affection that unite us to them for the rest of our lives", said Special Representative of the Secretary-General Edmond Mulet in his address. 

A memorial mural made by painters of Bel Air – a former violent neighborhood of Port-au-Prince pacified by local police and UN forces in 2007 – was unveiled by five MINUSTAH staff members, representing the international, national, military, police and UNV components of the Mission.

"May the tears and memories not prevent us from continuing our work – with a heavy heart of course – but more determined than ever to accomplish our mission. We owe it to those who left us", said Mr. Mulet.

The President of the Republic of Haiti presented Mr. Mulet, on behalf of all MINUSTAH staff, with "L’ordre National - Honneur et Mérite", in recognition of the UN assistance to the victims of the earthquake of 12 January.  

The UN in Haiti continues to work with the Haitian authorities and the population to meet priority needs and rebuild the country.  Attached is a brochure (pdf), which highlights the progress achieved by the UN family in key sectors over the last six months.  It also maps out current challenges and strategies that we will be followed in the coming months.