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E-Subscription: Let UN documents come to you
22 June 2010 / 12:02

[Dateline: New York | Author: DGACM] 

The Department for General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM) is pleased to announce the next step in our shift from printed to electronic documents with the introduction of an e-subscription programme based on RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication.

RSS is a web feed technology which is used to channel United Nations documents.  In simple words, RSS gathers all the documents you have subscribed to, in one place, as soon as they are published.

By subscribing to RSS, the system will provide the latest documents to you according to your subscription criteria.  Once you receive the list of documents, all you have to do is to click on the document of interest.

RSS will do all the work for you.  RSS will automatically check for updates by default once per day.  To subscribe to RSS, please follow the steps below, which assume that you use Internet Explorer as your web browser:

  • Visit the and click on “RSS feed” on the right hand side of the page.  On the RSS page, you will find a list of all available categories of documents.

  • Click on the orange button, the RSS icon, of the document types you want to receive. For example, if you would like to receive the latest Security Council documents, simply click on the icon next to “Security Council.”

  • On the feed page, if you click on the star icon, you can subscribe to the feed.  When you subscribe to a feed, it is automatically added to the Favourites Centre located on the top left corner of the toolbar.

  • Updated information from the feed is automatically available on your computer. Select “Feeds” from the Favourites Centre to access the most recent list of documents you subscribed to.

When you subscribe to the RSS feed, you can change the interval at which Internet Explorer will check the website for updates by clicking on “Feed properties."  Once you've selected the interval, Internet Explorer will automatically download the most up-to-date web feed list according to the preferred schedule.

The RSS e-subscription solution was made possible through the cooperation of the Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) and the DGACM Information and Communications Technology Section (ICTS).

Comments and suggestions should be sent to ICTS-DGACM Helpdesk.  Please indicate “RSS feed” in the subject line.