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CMP: Stay on the side of the construction barrier that’s safe for you
08 June 2010 / 12:53

[Dateline: New York | Author: Department of Management/Capital Master Plan]

The Conference Building and the Secretariat Building have been declared construction zones as of 29 May 2010.  Since then, new, safe paths connect the occupied parts of the Headquarters compound.  Signs on closed doors and construction barriers have been posted to remind staff and delegates to stay out of the construction area – respect them, for your own safety.

Some, it seems, take warning signs as an invitation to slip right through the barriers. This is not a good idea, whether it is done to follow old familiar paths, or just to see what is happening on the other side.

It can’t be repeated often enough: construction sites are among the most accident-prone work places.  Even if you do not hear sledgehammers pounding on the other side of the barrier and everything seems calm, stay out. You have no idea what you could get yourself into. 

For good reasons all construction personnel have to undergo the Construction Manager’s mandatory safety training before they start working on the renovation of the UN Headquarters.  Inside the construction area, they must use their PPE - that is their Personal Protection Equipment (hard hat, safety vest, safety shoes, eye protection).  They know how to safely navigate a construction site and what dangers to expect there.  You do not.

Maintaining a high level of safety for both the construction workers inside the construction zones, and for UN staff, delegates and visitors outside the construction area, is a primary goal for the Department of Management/ Capital Master Plan  (CMP), the Department of Safety and Security (DSS), and Skanska.  With almost 2 million man-hours of construction since the groundbreaking in May 2008, and just four recordable injuries, none of them experienced by staff, delegates, or visitors, the CMP has an excellent safety record.  Such a record can only be maintained with your cooperation.  So please do respect the boundaries between the construction zones and the rest of the compound.

If you are curious about what is happening on in the construction area, ask the CMP (7-5420). They will be happy to tell you more. If you feel something unsafe is going on, call the UN Security & Safety Service Control Center (3-6666).