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10 March, 2010: Chief Procurement Officers meet in New York for annual conference

[New  York | Author: Department of  Management]

The Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) of the UN Secretariat met last week in New York, for their annual CPO Conference.

The five-day conference aims to facilitate a professional exchange of information among a community of practitioners who carry out the same functions around the world so that they are better informed and equipped to be responsive to their clients’ needs.

Every year, the Department of Management  (DM) and the Department of Field Support  (DFS) convene a joint conference, which brings together over 30 Chief Procurement Officers from Field Missions, Offices Away from Headquarters, Regional Commissions, as well as Tribunals.  The Under-Secretaries-General from DM and DFS, Angela Kane and Susana Malcorra, respectively, addressed the group.   

Many key initiatives were presented, including on staff training and the UN Procurement Manual Revision Number 6, which was recently launched in wikipedia format.  

The highlight of this year’s conference was the Best Value for Money (BVM) workshop which was conducted by Professor Jan Telgen, from the University of Twente, Netherlands, who is one of the leading academics and practitioners of BVM and related public procurement activities.  This session was attended by CPOs, augmented by various UNHQ Requisitioners including Procurement Division Staff, as well as HCC/LCC Chairs, as they are all seeking best value for money and best fit in the acquisition of goods and services.