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8 March, 2010: UN Procurement Manual published in wikipedia format

[New  York | Author: Department of Management ]

On 1 March 2010, the United Nations Procurement Division  published the first Wikipedia format of the UN Procurement Manual (PM) Revision Number 6 on the Procurement Network, Communities of Practice (PN/CoP) web site, as approved by the Assistant Secretary-General of the Office of Central Support Services  in the Department of Management .
The Procurement Manual Revision Number 6 is the result of a premiere global collaborative initiative.  Over 400 procurement professionals and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) were invited to log-on to the Procurement Network to review and contribute to updating the Procurement Manual.

The initiative is a joint effort between the Department of Management and the Departments of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) and Field Support (DFS) .  Using the MicroSoft SharePoint software platform, as hosted by DPKO, the Procurement Manual has been converted to a Wiki Library Format (Wikipedia) which, in effect, turns the Procurement Manual into a searchable data base, accessible to UN procurement professionals and Requisitioning Offices from all duty stations via the Extranet  and the Internet .  In addition, a number of policies and practices have been updated to reflect today's procurement operation.
The MS SharePoint software platform provides a full array of tools for enhancing and facilitating “real-time” communication and collaboration within the Procurement Network while ensuring a high level of control and monitoring.

Going forward, the Procurement Division’s objective is to use the Network as a procurement forum where the PM Rev. No. 6, related key documents, information and policy are published and knowledge exchanged through such tools as e-discussions, document libraries, and web resources.  The Procurement Division will continue to update the PM and its associated tools in order to make the acquisition cycle clearer, simpler and more efficient.
Requisitioning Offices, Contract Managers, Finance and Procurement Staff are invited to obtain information on registration by sending an email to: .