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29 January 2010: Peace Operations Year in Review: 2009 edition

[New  York | Author: Department of Public Information]

In 2009, the United Nations’ response to conflict and political crises continued to evolve, as once again UN peace operations were at the centre of global efforts to protect the vulnerable and nurture fragile peace all over the globe.

With its largest deployment ever on the ground, the Departments of Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support  began a major reform effort to perfect the tool of UN peacekeeping as the Organization’s flagship peace and security activity.

At the same time, in the Department of Political Affairs  and the UN peacebuilding entities, other tools were being refined to better prevent conflicts from emerging or re-emerging and to reduce the dependence and stress upon peacekeeping. 

These and other relevant issues are discussed in the new edition of the annual United Nations Peace Operations: Year in Review 2009   publication produced by DPI's Peace and Security Section, which is now available as a PDF file in English online .

The printed issue of the magazine in English is expected by mid-February, with a French version being made available in the following month.

The publication reviews UN peacekeeping operations and special political and peacebuilding missions throughout the world, reflects on some of the key challenges, outlines priorities and provides some basic facts and figures of these operations.

This publication was completed during 2009 and covers events of that year. However, two pages citing the Haiti earthquake were added just before the print run.  Haiti will be covered more completely in later publications.