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CMP: Services at the HQ compound adjusting to renovations
30 October 2009 / 02:50

[Dateline: New York | Author: Department of Management]

Stacks of crates in the corridor of the 10th floor of the United Nations Secretariat building complex ready to be used to move staff to temporary offices on Madison Avenue for the duration of the renovation of the United Nations Headquarters building complex under the Capital Master Plan (CMP). (Credit: UN Photo 405534 / Paulo Filgueiras)Strange things are happening at the UN Headquarters.

All of a sudden, finding a table of your choice in the Main Cafeteria during lunch rush hour is not a problem anymore, and the lines in the Post Office seem to have all but disappeared.  These are sure signs that the number of occupants of the UN Headquarters compound is gradually dropping from its pre-Capital Master Plan (CMP) level of approximately 5,000 to the number of staff that will remain on site during the renovation: about 2,000.

In the coming weeks and months, changes in the services available on the compound will reflect not only the lower number of occupants, but also the imminent start of the renovation of the Secretariat Building at the end of this year, and the Conference Building early next year.

Already on 30 October 2009, the banks will close their branches in the Headquarters complex.

UNFCU, which also operates a branch in the DC2 Building, will relocate their Secretariat office to the 20th floor of 380 Madison Avenue and decommission its ATM terminals on the 1st and on the 4th floors.  Chase will transfer accounts from the Secretariat to its DC1 branch, and also refer clients to its offices at 401 Madison Avenue.

24 December 2009 will be the last day of service as we know it at the Main Cafeteria, the Delegates Dining Room, the Staff Café and the Delegates Lounge, though it is currently under consideration to keep the Delegates Dining Room open for special events until the end of February 2010.

While the Main Cafeteria will undergo remodeling in order to function as a scaled down cafeteria as well as the temporary Delegates Dining Room, the Staff Café and the Delegates Lounge will remain closed until the completion of the renovation of the Conference Building, which is projected for early 2012.  Information on food service options during the remodeling of the Main Cafeteria and the date of the reopening will follow.

At dates yet to be set, the newsstand will relocate from the Secretariat Lobby to the gift shop area on the 1B public concourse in the General Assembly Building, and the Post Office will move to temporary quarters in the basement area.