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Induction programme for Military and Police Advisers
17 November 2009 / 11:39

[Dateline: New York | Author: DPKO]

Induction programme photo | Submitted by DPKO The Integrated Training Service (ITS) of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations’ (DPKO) Policy, Evaluation and Training Division (DPET) organized an induction programme last month for newly-appointed military and police advisers to the Permanent Missions of Member States to provide them with an overview of DPKO and Department of Field Support (DFS) structures, tasks and responsibilities.

The programme, designed for delegates who deal specifically with peacekeeping matters, is an important step towards improving information sharing between DPKO/DFS and Member States.

A total of 35 military and police advisers from 25 Member States attended the programme, which was the first such course since November 2004.

Induction programme photo | Submitted by DPKOITS/DPET/DPKO and the Bureau of the Military and Police Advisers Community (MPAC) jointly designed and delivered the programme at the Permanent Mission of Singapore.

According to evaluations received at the end of the programme, the majority of the participants found the programme very useful, particularly those participants with less than five months experience at their Permanent Missions.

This was the first MPAC induction programme following the DPKO/DFS departmental restructuring, and the event provided some useful lessons for the conduct of induction training in the future.

Lessons learned include how to conduct and plan for a joint ITS-MPAC training, how to fit the information needs of the target audience in this type of course curricula, and how to best deliver the presentations to MPAC participants, taking into consideration their work load and time availability.

More about ITS/DPET

Induction programme photo | Submitted by DPKOITS/DPET consists of five teams:

  1. Training Policy and Standards Team - develops and updates peacekeeping training standards and guidance. The Team is also responsible for coordinating knowledge and information management of training DPKO-led mission, DPKO/DFS at Headquarters and Member States.
  2. Field Training Support Team - provides support to the training of military, police and civilian personnel serving in peacekeeping field operations, working closely with the Integrated Mission Training Centres (IMTCs) and mission Training Focal Points.
  3. Support to Member States Team - works to enhance and provide support to Member States in pre-deployment training of military and police personnel.
  4. Senior Leadership and Management Team - addresses the training needs of peacekeeping leaders and managers.
  5. Programme Management Team - provides substantive and managerial oversight of all ITS activities.