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Secretary-General ranked second in world opinion poll
30 June 2009 / 11:54

[Dateline: New York | Author: iSeek]SG BAN Ki-moon (Credit: UN Photo 395887/Mark garten)

A 20-nation survey assessing world leaders released today shows that Secretary-General BAN Ki-moon has the confidence of many publics "to do the right thing regarding world affairs."


The "Confidence in World Leaders" survey conducted by the World Public Opinion Poll in 20 nations, ranked the Secretary-General as number two, coming only after United States President Barack Obama, who inspired more confidence than any other world political leader examined in the survey.


On average, the Secretary-General’s ratings lean positive (40% to 35%), with 11 nations expressing confidence, seven do not, and two are divided. Views are especially positive in Asia and Africa. The survey, conducted between 4 April and 12 June, polled over 19,000 respondents in some of the world's largest countries and represented 62 percent of the world population.


Gallup report 

Another poll, a brief Gallup report on regional opinions of the UN's job performance shows that support for the Organization is highest in Africa (68%) and lowest in the Americas (29%), with Europe and Asia in between at 44% and 37% respectively. 


Variations in the approval ratings were primarily the result of the wide regional disparity in the percentages that reported "don't know" or did not answer. 


The regional median in that category was low in Africa (10%), but a majority of the respondents in the Americas (56%) did not provide an opinion on the UN's job performance. Regional disapproval ratings were fairly consistent and ranged from 16% to 19% for the four regions. is a collaborative research project involving research centers from around the world and it is managed by the Programme on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) at the University of Maryland.