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Refrain from smoking in the building
26 June 2009 / 12:03

[Dateline: New York | Author: Department of Management]

No smoking sign outside the Vienna Cafe | Credit: Fred Fath/iSeekIn December 2008, the General Assembly decided to implement a complete ban on smoking at United Nations premises and the Secretary-General is committed to enforce resolution 63/8 ( A/RES/63/8  ).

In addition to ST/SGB/2003/9  that stipulated a non-smoking policy at UN Headquarters in New York as early as 2003, the Secretary-General has recently initiated a number of additional measures to fully implement the smoke-free environment.

  • Partially sheltered exterior smoking areas have been set up, and signs have been posted to provide directions from the Vienna Café to the designated smoking areas.
  • The United Nations Medical Services Division offers a six-week monitored smoking cessation program with individual follow up.
  • Tobacco products are no longer sold at UN Headquarters. 
  • "No Smoking" signs have been posted at building entry points.

Other duty stations have implemented comparable measures, and further initiatives are under consideration.

Join the Secretary-General in making a smoke-free United Nations a reality! Follow the rules and be considerate to colleagues - refrain from smoking in the building.

Information and assistance to drop the habit

The Medical Services Division provides information regarding the medical dangers and consequences of smoking and assists staff and delegates who would like to stop smoking.

If you would like to drop the habit, consider the six-week monitored program offered by the Medical Services Division. It includes provision of nicotine patches, motivational advice, lung function testing, blood carbon monoxide levels, and blood pressure monitoring with follow up. 

For more information, please contact 212-963-9009.