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Destruction of Social Structure

Destruction of the Social Structure:

The occupation has thoroughly destroyed much of the Palestinian social structure and stifled any potential social development over the 41 years of occupation. In addition to the direct physical and psychological trauma inflicted on a large segment of the population, other harsh measures were also imposed. Communication with the outside world has been severely restricted and the health situation deteriorated as a result of the constraints placed on the medical and public health sectors. The education system was brought under enormous pressure, including the closure of schools and universities for prolonged periods. The return of Palestinian displaced persons (those who fled during the 1967 war) has also been prevented by the occupying Power, as have most cases of family reunification.

All forms of civil liberties were forbidden and violations were severely punished under the occupation. Freedom of expression and assembly were banned and all media and press were censored. Forms of political expression, such as the printing of any document containing any political substance, were forbidden.