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Subsitution of the Occupying Power's Laws for those Previously in Force

Substitution of the Occupying Power’s Laws for those Previously in Force:

With the beginning of the occupation, Israel, the occupying Power, established a military government in the Occupied Palestinian Territory which exerts absolute control over the Palestinian population. The two area commanders of the West Bank and Gaza have exclusive formal authority over the area. The commander is the legislator, the head of the Executive, and is in charge of appointing all local officials and judges. The military commanders have introduced thousands of military orders in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip. These orders have changed, amended or repealed virtually every law in the Palestinian territory. The occupying Power effected structural changes in the court system and established military tribunals that were responsible for dealing with security related matters, the scope of which has gradually broadened. In November 1981, through a military order, a civilian administration was established for the military government.

At the same time, Israel, the occupying Power, has created a dual system of law in the Occupied Territory. Israel has extended some of its laws extraterritorially to the Occupied Territory, applying them only to Jewish settlers and it has established local and regional Jewish councils.