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Demography of the OPT (2007 Census)

Census 2007

Preliminary Results

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1. Introduction

The preliminary results at this stage are composed of the total population distributed by

sex and region, and the number of households by governorate as they were on December

1st 2007. In addition to households size and sex ratio which were calculated from the

preliminary results. The results include also the findings of the post enumeration survey

and the total number of buildings, housing units, and economic establishments and the

persons engaged in these establishments as they were counted during the period

20/10/2007 to 10/11/2007.

2 Size of the Population

2.1 Actual Enumerated Individuals

The preliminary results show that the total number of individuals who were actually

counted is 3,662,205. This comprises 97.3 per cent of the total population according to

the results of the post enumeration survey. The individuals actually counted were

distributed by region as 2,274,929 (62.1 per cent) in the West Bank against 1,387,276

(37.1 per cent) in Gaza Strip. The sex ratio was calculated to be (103.0) and this could be

considered a preliminary indicator of the quality of the data, particularly when comparing

with the results of PHC-1997 and other countries which share Palestine with the

socioeconomic and demographic characteristics.

The total number of household which were actually counted is 629,327 of which 414,635

in the West Bank and 214,692 in Gaza Strip. Therefore, the household size was estimated

to 5.8 of which 5.5 in the West Bank and 6.5 in Gaza Strip.

2.2 Total Population According to the Results of Post Enumeration

The main objective of the post enumeration survey is to measure the under coverage ratio

to be taken into consideration in the final population count and future population

projections. The post enumeration showed that the under coverage ratio in the PHC-2007

was 2.7 per cent. Therefore; the total population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is


3 Buildings and Housing Units

The total number of buildings in the Remaining West Bank (West Bank excluding those

parts of Jerusalem which were annexed by Israel in 1967) and Gaza Strip (RWBGS) is

473,951 of which 325,260 (68.6 per cent) in the RWB and 148,691 (31.4 per cent)

buildings in Gaza Strip. The total number of housing units in the RWBGS is 693,805 of

which 451,543 (65.1 per cent) in the RWB and 242,262 (34.9 per cent) in Gaza Strip.

4 Economic Establishments

The total number of economic establishments counted during the period 20/10/2007-

10/11/2007 in the RWBGS is 138,728 establishments of which 95,318 (68.7 per cent) in

the RWB and 43,410 (31.3 per cent) in Gaza Strip. Out of the 138,728 establishments,

119,547 establishments were found operating in the private sector, government companies

and non governmental sector, and total number of persons engaged is 314,506. The total

operating establishments in the RWB is 83,582 (69.9 per cent) employing 216,654

persons (68.9 per cent), and the total number of operating establishments in Gaza Strip is

35,965 (30.1 per cent) employing 97,852 persons (31.1 per cent).