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Country Facts




 Land Area  309,500 km2

 2,851,000 (2003 census)
  (1,684,847 Omanis & 
    602,795 Expatriates)

 (current estimate 3.1 million)

 Density  6.5 inhabitants per km2
 Capital  Muscat (population over 400,000)
 Official Language

 Arabic (English widely used)

 Religion  Islam
 Time  GMT + 4 hours
 Currency  Rial Omani = US$ 2.58
   (RO 0.387 = US$)

   (1 Rial = 1000 Baisas)
 Gross National Income  RO 5,242.3 million
 Total GDP  RO 5,445.3 million
 Climate  Hot and humid in summer (June 31-480C)
 Pleasantly cool in winter (January 20-250 C)
 Measures  Metric
 Electricity  240 volts
 Oil Production  810,000 barrels per day
 Total Oil Exports  300 million barrels (1998)
 Oil Reserves  5.56 billion barrels
  (proven reserves)
 Natural Gas Reserves  29.1 TCF (Trillion Cubic Feet) (proven reserves)
 Copper Reserves  15 million tonnes
 Fish Stocks  4.69 million tonnes
 Birth Rate Increase  2.5%
 Life expectancy  71.6 years
 Education  circa 500,000 boys & girls (aged 6-18 in school)
 National Day  18th of November 
 (Government offices usually close for two days

   later in the month in lieu of the holiday)
 Official hours  Saturday - Wednesday
  7.30 am to 2.30 pm

 (except in Ramadhan;  8.30 am to 1.30 pm)
 Private sector hours  Saturday - Thursday
 (8.00 am to 1.00 pm)

 (3.30 pm to 6.30 pm)  (timings variable)