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The Permanent Mission

The Ambassador and his Team



H.E. Mr Mohammed Loulichki

    Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Permanent Representative
(DPC: 21 November 2008)


M. Lotfi Bouchaara  
Deputy Permanent Representative


Mr. Ismail Chekkori
Minister Plenipotentiary
(Legal Adviser)  | GA: 6th Committee |  UNSC: Syria, Terrorism related issues.

Mr. Bouchaib El Oumni
Minister Plenipotentiary
| GA: 1st Committee, UNDC| UNSC: Non proliferation, Iran, DPRK, 1540 Resolution, Regional organisations| other: Non-Aligned Movement group

Mr. Hassan El Mkhantar
Minister Plenipotentiary | GA: 3rd Committee | UNSC: children and armed conflit, women peace and security

Mr. Abdellatif Erroja

Minister Plenipotentiary | UNSC: Arab World | Other: Arab Group and OIC

Mr. Tarik Iziraren

Minister Plenipotentiary | GA
: 2nd Committee  | UNSC: Somalia, Erythrea

Mr. Faical Souissi

Counsellor | GA: 2nd Committee

Mr. Mohamed Achgalou

Counsellor | GA: 3rd Committee
| Syria | Protection of civilians, responsibility to protect, humanitarian issues

M. Omar Kadiri
Political Coordinator (Security Council)

Ms. Lalla Soumia Bouhamidi
Counsellor | GA: 4th Committee | UNSC: Peacekeeping, Moroccan Sahara

Mr. Aziz El Houari

M. Omar El Khadir
Military Advisor

Ms. Amal Smaili

Mrs. Jamila Alaoui
First Secretary | GA: General Assembly | Election Officer.
Mr. Brahim Benmoussa
First Secretary | GA: 5th Committee | UNSC: Europe and Asia (Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cyprus, Kosovo, Timor Leste).

Mr. Isam Taib

First Secretary | UNSC: West and Central Africa (Cote d'Ivoire, Liberia, Mali, DRC, Burundi), Sahel and Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea | Other: African Group

Mr. Yasser Halfaoui

First Secretary | UNSC: Sudan, South Sudan, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone

Mr. Taha Kadiri
First Secretary

Mr. Abdelaziz Ben boubker
Third Secretary

Mrs. Najwa Sarkis Stone
Attache (Protocol)