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06.03.13 Ambassador Loulichki's CNN interview [Video]


20.12.12: Mali /The Security Council authorizes the deployment of AFISMA

The Security Coucil adopts Security Council Resolution 2085(2012) which authorizes the deployment of the African Led International Force in Mali (AFISMA).

 [Video ]

 [Video of H.E. Ambassador Loulichki at the UN media Statekout]





20.12.12: Peacebuilding in the aftermath of conflict.

Morocco holds a debate on peacebuidling in the aftermath of conflict.  The Security Council adopts a Presidential Declaration.

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19.12.12: Situation in the Central African Republic

The Security Council adopts a Press Statement on the situation in the Central African Republic, condemning the rcent attacks by armed rebel groups

[Video of H.E. Ambassador Loulichki at the UN media Stakeout]






 12.12.12: Security Council President briefs Press on DPRK

Ambassador Loulichki speaks to reporters following the Council’s consultations on non-proliferation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).



12:12:12: Security Council Briefing on Intermission Cooperation

Morocco organizes a briefing on intermission Cooperation in the context of Peacekeeping Operations.

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11.12.12: T he Situation in Mali.

The security Council adopt a Press Statement following recent developments that led to the resignation to the Prime Minister of Mali.  Ambassador Loulichki reads a statement on behalf of the Council condemning the 10 December arrest of the Prime Minister of Mali. 

[Video of H.E. Ambassador Loulichki at the UN Media Stakeout ]



10.12.12: High Level Briefing of the Security Council on the Situation in the Sahel

The situation in the Sahel Region was discussed in the Security Council under the Moroccan Presidency.  Representatives from Regional and Subregional organizations such ECOWAS, Arab Maghreb Union (AMU), Community of Sahelo-Sahara States ( CENSAD) as well as the World Bank, African Development Bank and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation also took part in this High Level Meeting.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation M. Saad Dine El Otmani, expressed Morocco's concern on the growing threats posed by terrorist groupes, armed and separatist movements, as well as criminal networks to the stability and security of the region and in this regard called for enhanced coordination between States of the Sahel and the Maghreb as well as inclusive, coordinated, interregional cooperation

Morocco also called for urgent support to assist the State of Mali restore its territorial integrity and to combat terrorist networks in the north of Mali in order to ensure that this region does not become a refuge and a hub for terrorism .

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01.12.12: Morocco takes on the rotating Presidency of the Security Council for the month of December

Press Conference [ Video English  ]



29.11.12: Palestine / non-member observer state.

The UN General Assembly votes to recognise the Palestine Authority as a non-member observer state

Morocco's statement [ Arabic]


27.11.12: Security Council | Debate on working methods

Morocco's statement during the UNSC debate on working methods [ French]




21.11.12: Situation in Palestine

Morocco welcomes the announcement of the cessation of hostilities, commends the efforts undertaken to achieve this cease fire and reiterates the importance of reviving the political process. 



Comments at the Stakeout by H.E. Mr Mohammed Loulichki [ Video] 


20.11.12: Situation in Eastern DRC

The Security Council adopts Resolution 2076 (2012).  Morocco condemns the attempts of the M23 to undermine DRC's territorial integrity and sovereignty .



19.11.09: Security Council Debate on Piracy

Morocco calls for an integrated strategy in the fight against piracy and announces that it will hold in the upcoming weeks a Conference of Minister's in charge of Security of African Atlantic States who will focus on Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea among other security issues. [Speech] [Video].




17.11.12: Emergency Meeting of the Security Council on the Situation in Eastern DRC.

The Security Council agree on a Press Statement condemning the ongoing attacks by M23 in North Kivu.



14.11.12: Situation in Palestine | Morocco calls, on behalf of the Arab Group, for a late emergency meeting of the Security Council following israeli attacks in Gaza.

[video 1]  [video 2]

  Official Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation: The Kingdom of Morocco expresses its deep concern and strongly condemns the attacks perpetrated since Wednesday by Israeli warplanes against several sites in the Gaza Strip, which resulted in several casualties.  Morocco, whose King HM Mohammed VI chairs Al Quds Committee, considers that this dangerous escalation is unacceptable and that the continuation of these attacks could have disastrous consequences on the security and stability of the region.  As a result, Morocco calls for an immediate halt to these raids and urges the international community to take its responsibility to protect the lives of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip and their property.