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     Presidential Reception, 17 September 2007 (Click to read)

      Peacekeeping,  October 2007

      Conventional weapons, 23 October 2007

     Funeral Service of Late Kanyama Chiume, 24 October 2007

     International Trade and Development, 25 October 2007,

     UNDP/UNFPA Executive Board Meeting,  2007

     UNDP Board, 2007

     UNFPA/UNDP Meeting, 21 January 2008

Delivering as One, 28 March 2008

Small Arms and Light Weapons, 30 April 2008

Children and Armed Conflict, 17 July 2008

Mid Term Review of the Almaty Program of Action for Landlocked Developing Countries, 3 October 2008

UNDP/UNFPA Board Meeting, 19 January 2009

Non-Aligned Movement Ministerial Meeting: 27 - 30 April, 2009, (Havana, Cuba)

Joint Statement by Mozambique, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Republic of Tanzania, the United Kingdom and Malawi on the statement of the UNDP Administrator. (Click here)

Implementation of the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS and the Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS, United Nations General Assembly, 16 June 2009. (Statement)

United Nations Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis: General Assembly (29th June 2009)

General Debate of the Second Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, New York - 7 October 2009 (Statement)

 Advancement of Women, New York -  12 October 2009 (Statement)

Commemoration of the 15th Anniversary of the International Confernce on Population and Development, New York - 12 October 2009.(Statement)

On Agriculture development and Food Security,  New York - 22 October 2009 (Statement)

Comprehensive review of the whole question of Peacekeeping operations and their aspects, New York - 28 October 2009 (statement)

Internatonal Trade and Development, New York - 30 October 2009(Statement)

Sustainable development, New York - 2 November 2009 (Statement)

Rwanda Genocide (On behalf of the African Union) - New York 7 April, 2010 (read)