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  The Presidential Palace

  The Council of Ministers

  The Parliament


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants
Ministry of Agriculture 
Ministry of Defense (LAF)
Ministry of Justice 
Ministry of Economy and Trade 
Ministry of Environment 
Ministry of Finance 
Ministry of Post and Telecommunications 
Ministry of Public Health 
Ministry of Public Works 
Ministry of Tourism   
Directorate General of Emigrants 

Ministry of Industry 


Embassy of Lebanon in Washington-DC  

Consulate General of Lebanon in New York 


National News Agency 
The Daily Star (English Daily)  
L'Orient Le Jour (French Daily)
Al-Akhbar (Arabic Daily)  
Al-Anwar (Arabic Daily) 
Al-Hayat (Arabic Daily) 
Al-Mustaqbal (Arabic Daily) 
An-Nahar (Arabic Daily)
As-Safir (Arabic Daily)
Addiyar (Arabic Daily) 
Al-Bayrak (Arabic Daily) 
El-Shark (Arabic Daily) 
Al-Liwaa (Arabic Daily)