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UN Publications

January 2009

Title Sales Number ISBN Price
2008 State of the Future (Includes CD-ROM)
The future continues to get better for most of the world, but a series of tipping points could drastically alter global changes.
08.BKSHP.4   $49.95
 60 Ways the United Nations Makes a Difference (DVD)
The United Nations was established, in the aftermath of a devastating war, to help stabilize international relations and give peace a more secure foundation.
05.I.100 9211011302 $10.00
Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the International Court of Justice
Beginning with 'We the peoples of the United Nations...', this handy pocket-book contains all Articles of the Charter of the United Nations as well as an introductory historical note on amendments to the document.
DPI511 9210020251 $3.00
Claiming the Millennium Development Goals: A Human Rights Approach
The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
are time-bound development targets that address many dimensions of poverty, such as hunger, disease, and inadequate water supplies.
08.XIV.6  9211541840  $15.00 
Development and Globalization 2008: Facts and Figures
The new phase of challenging globalization is characterized by economic multipolarity with significant weight of the South.
07.II.D.20  9211127300  $25.00 
Good Governance Practices for the Protection of Human Rights
The publication defines good governance as the exercise of authority through political and institutional processes that are transparent and accountable.
07.XIV.10 9211541794 $19.00
Human Development Report 2007/2008: Fighting Climate Change - Human Solidarity in a Divided World
Climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity at the start of the 21st Century. Failure to meet that challenge raises the spectre of unprecedented reversals.
07.III.B.1 0230547044 $29.95
Humanitarian Diplomacy: Practitioners and their Craft
Humanitarian professionals are on the front lines of today's internal armed conflicts, negotiating access through physical and diplomatic roadblocks.
07.III.A.1 9280811347 $37.00
Millennium Development Goals Report 2008
This report presents an assessment of progress, based on data available as of June 2008 on all official Millennium Development Goals (MDG) indicators.
08.I.18 9789211011739 $15.00
More Secure World, A: Our Shared Responsibility - Report of the Secretary-General's High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change
Today, more than ever before, a threat to one is a threat to all. Threats to international peace and security go far beyond aggression by States.
05.I.5 9211009588 $15.00
No Entry Without Strategy: Building the Rule of Law under UN Transitional Administration
For international actors seeking to consolidate peace and democracy in disrupted states, the importance of establishing the rule of law is now well-recognized.
08.III.A.5 9280811517 $35.00
Provisional Rules of Procedure of the Security Council
This booklet offers the full text of the rules of procedures adopted by the Security Council.
83.I.4 9211000874 $5.00
Rules of Procedure of the Economic and Social Council
Presents the full text of the rules of procedures and amendments adopted by the Economic and Social Council.
92.I.22 9211004896 $5.00
Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly
At its first regular session, the General Assembly adopted provisional Rules of Procedure.
06.I.43 9211011574 $10.00
The United Nations Today (formerly titled "Basic Facts About the UN")
The United Nations Today, formerly the Basic Facts about the UN, reflects the multitude of ways in which the United Nations touches the lives of people everywhere.
08.I.6 9211011604 $15.00
UNEP Year Book 2008: An Overview of Our Changing Environment (Formerly titled ""GEO Year Book"")
The 2008 Year Book, formerly known as the GEO Year Book, highlights the increasing complexity and interconnections of climate change, ecosystem integrity, and human security.
08.III.D.1 9280728776 $20.00
United Nations Handbook 2008/09: An Annual Guide for those Working with and within the United Nations
This Handbook is a comprehensive and a ready reference guide to the United Nations system and its work. It contains information on the six principal organs of the United Nations.
08.BKSHP.5 0477102107 $20.00
Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Dignity and Justice for All of Us - 60th Anniversary Special Edition, 1948-2008 Edition (Booklet)
This newly designed edition to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights contains the complete text of the Declaration.
DPI876R4   $2.00
Virtual Tour of the United Nations on CD-ROM, A
This CD ROM gives a tour of the United Nations in New York City and provides a behind-the-scenes look at the people, art and architecture of the building.
08.BKSHP.3 0955246008 $30.00
World Economic and Social Survey 2008: Overcoming Economic Insecurity
According to the Survey, economic insecurity arises from the exposure of individuals, communities and countries to adverse events, and from their inability to cope with those developments.
08.II.C.1 9211091578 $60.00
Year in Review 2007: United Nations Peace Operations 08.I.14 921101168X $10.00
Yearbook of the United Nations 2005: Sixtieth Anniversary Edition - Towards Development, Security and Human Rights for All
This unique publication, the Sixtieth Anniversary Edition, chronicles all the major activities of the United Nations system.
07.I.1 9211009677 $175.00