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Guide for Position Papers

Winners of the Best Position Paper Awards –

Chosen by the Committee of Global Model UN Officials:



First Committee
Ivo Iliev Gruev (Bulgaria) representing New Zealand in the First Committee
Second Committee
Maxim Afanasyev (Russia) representing Barbados in the Second Committee
Third Committee
Elizabeth Encinas (Trinidad&Tobago) representing Pakistan in the Third Committee
Fourth Committee
Alexandre Steullet (Switzerland) representing Palestine in the Fourth Committee



* In addition, a Position Paper Award was given to Christine Battiloro (United States) representing France (chosen by the Committee Members of the Fourth Committee)

Position Paper Guidelines


The position paper is a brief and concise description of a state's, international organisation’s or NGO's position and priorities for a given committee. The position paper allows delegations to plan their course of action before the meeting by taking into account the other countries’ positions outlined in the position paper.
Once the position paper is completed and sent to the chairpersons of the committee, it allows them to give you useful feedback for further preparation.
It is mandatory for all delegates to write a position paper.
Please pay careful attention to the following guidelines when drafting your position paper.


It is crucial to properly identify your position paper. It is not necessary to put your name anywhere because you will be known throughout the conference by your delegation's name rather than your own.


Your position paper closely follows the different topics as they are presented in the SG’s report for each committee.


The paragraphs on each topic should contain the following elements:

Once you have discussed all the topics on the Committee’s agenda, you do not need to write an overall concluding paragraph for your position paper.


Writing Instructions

For questions concerning position papers, your committee or your topics, please contact your committee chairpersons directly.
Position Paper awards

In the spirit of creating a cooperative and friendly environment essential for fostering constructive discussion, debate and consensus-building, the Global Model UN will not feature any best delegates’ awards. However, there will be position paper awards.

Your Position Paper will be read by the GA officials of your committee and members of the Secretariat, and rated on a scale of one to ten (1 worst, 10 best), following these criteria:

Approximately 10 position papers will be short-listed per committee. Thereafter, the short-listed papers will be reviewed, discussed and rated by a team consisting of the USGs, the SG and experts from the UN.

Click here for a sample position paper.