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Welcome Letters

Welcome Letter from GMUN Secretary-General

Dear Delegates,

It is my distinct honour and privilege to welcome you to the first Global Model United Nations Conference, organized by the United Nations Department of Public Information at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, from 5-7 August 2009.

First, let me take this opportunity to congratulate each and every one of you for having been selected to participate in this unique Model UN Conference. We each come with a different story of our journey along the MUN circuit, and it is my hope that through this Conference, we will be able to bring together all these MUN experiences under one umbrella. Through the introduction of new rules of procedure which more closely represent the functioning of the United Nations, this Conference will strive to serve as a model of best practices for MUN simulations around the world. Additionally, you will be able to take advantage of invaluable UN resources and have access to a host of UN experts throughout the Conference. Apart from the Committee Simulations, we have also planned a series of exciting social events, which will allow you to further explore your interests in the work of the UN.

At a time when the world is facing significant challenges, including a global financial crisis, the increasingly harsh impacts of climate change, persistent violence and intra-state conflict, and an HIV/AIDS epidemic amongst others, I cannot stress strongly enough how important the achievement of the MDGs is in preserving the health and sustainability of the planet, and in ensuring the well-being of its inhabitants. As young leaders, we have a unique opportunity in Geneva to grapple with these issues together, be proactive, and craft creative solutions to help solve the plethora of obstacles we face on the road to achieving the MDGs over the next six years.

Participating in Model UN Simulations unites us, and reflects our common interest in broadening our understanding of global problems, and finding enduring solutions to these challenges. Being able to respect differences of opinion, compromise, build consensus and negotiate, are important skills you will acquire, that will serve you well in every sphere of your life. Mastering the art of diplomacy is not easy, and empowering yourself with such an ability at this young age is admirable.

Model UN has been an incredibly significant part of my life for almost a decade now. While I must admit, I have encountered my fair share of sceptics who often question my continued involvement in an activity which merely imitates what happens at an oft-criticised international body, I have never lost faith and hope in the ideals of the UN, and the immense ability of Model UN to equip youth with the requisite tools to effectively and cooperatively tackle the challenges faced by our generation.

I hope this experience leaves you with a more accurate understanding of the workings of the UN, and inspires you to remain passionate and committed to making a positive contribution to humanity. Remember: there is power in knowledge, and by empowering yourself with this knowledge, you not only have the privilege, but also the responsibility to share this knowledge with those who are less fortunate. Never underestimate the power of the youth voice in effecting positive change around the world. Together, we have a pivotal role to play in shaping our future, and the world we leave behind for our children. So let us take this opportunity to make significant steps forward in acting together to strengthen the voice of the youth on the world stage.

Once more, let me congratulate you on having been selected to be a part of this historic Model UN Conference. It is an honour to serve as your Secretary-General, and I wish you everything of the very best in your deliberations in the coming weeks.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance.

I look forward to meeting you all at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Warm regards,

Hannah Moosa
Secretary General, Global Model United Nations 2009

Weclome Letter from GMUN President of General Assembly

Dear Delegates,

It is a humbling privilege to welcome you to the Global Model United Nations Conference (GMUN) 2009. We are part of a truly groundbreaking event, one which draws on the collective strength of an extraordinary set of forces. It embodies the noblest of humankind’s principles and has the power to enact them. We will change the world.

A cornerstone of the conference is without doubt the enthusiasm you bring to it. It will be an incredible learning experience, a chance to meet fantastic new people, all the while operating in the compelling world of real world politics. This exceptional opportunity to transcend oneself motivates us to excel beyond our most ambitious dreams. At GMUN, we will seize those dreams and take the next crucial steps towards their actualization as social progress and better standards of life for all.

The unwavering commitment of the UN is a second formative influence behind GMUN. The initiative and sheer effort of organizing the event attests to the trust placed in us, the youth of today. GMUN also gains much from operating so close to the organization it seeks to model. The spirit of the UN permeates the mechanics of the conference through rules of procedure, an unprecedented focus on negotiation and adherence to the real character of the General Assembly, lending formidable credence to our results.

This framework will culminate on our treatment of the Millennium Development Goals, a special focus of the conference. They are a marvelous demonstration of the essence of the UN, but as can be expected of a task this daunting, their effective implementation is not easy. At GMUN we have a chance to contribute to the evaluation of the means to fulfill this vision for the future. We will bravely explore new avenues of discourse, joining the effort to realize these universal aspirations.

As such, as well as being a marvelous opportunity, participating in GMUN brings with it substantial responsibility too. We will be called upon to demonstrate our academic excellence and open minded commitment to the founding principles of the United Nations, leading our generation by example. We will change the world for the better; our efforts will leave the spark of hope for the brighter common destiny of humankind a roaring flame of conviction.


Petri Gozma

President of General Assembly, Global Model United Nations 2009