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GMUN Officials

First GMUN Workshop in New York (3 - 5 March 2009)


Nine university students from around the world have been chosen through a competitive process to form the Secretariat of the first-ever Global Model United Nations Conference. 

The announcement was made during a ceremony in the General Assembly Hall at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The Secretariat officials hope that through their participation in the Global Model United Nations Conference in Geneva, the Organization’s work will be better understood by youth, and that the voice of young people will be strengthened at the United Nations.

For profiles of the nine Secretariat officials for the GMUN Conference, please click here.  

Second GMUN Workshop in New York (17 - 19 June 2009)

Eight university students attended a second workshop for student leaders of the Global Model United Nations (GMUN) Conference. The workshop, organised by the Education Outreach Cluster at the Department of Public Information, took place in New York from 17th to 19th June. The group comprised students from Brazil, Finland, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Uzbekistan.

The briefings at the three-day workshop, conducted by Permanent Representatives and senior United Nations officials, included the Millennium Development Goals, the structure and functioning of the United Nations General Assembly and its Main Committees, drafting of resolutions and the Global Model United Nations rules of procedure.

The student delegates will participate in the GMUN Conference as President of the General Assembly and as Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons of four Main Committees to be simulated during the Conference: the First (Disarmament and International Security); the Second (Economic and Financial); the Third (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural); and the Fourth (Special Political and Decolonization).

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