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Definition: The Ambassador’s Club is a voluntary association of ambassadors and senior officials at the United Nations who are united in their conviction about the relevance and central importance of the United Nations in creating a more just and equitable world order.

Objectives: The primary objective of The Ambassador’s Club is to plan and implement a program of inter-active outreach into universities and other academic and research institutions, essentially in the United States. The Club will also attempt to reach out in the same manner to the private sector.

Methodology: In implementing its program, the Club will use video-conferencing as its main instrument of outreach. On occasion, however, it may also make presentations in person.

Expenses: The Ambassador’s Club is a not-for-profit association. It may however charge expenses from the audiences which it services. It will endeavor to keep these expenses to the minimum.

Membership: Membership shall be by invitation to past and present Ambassadors accredited to the United Nations, and may also be extended to other senior diplomats and senior officials at the United Nations.

Directors: The Ambassador’s Club will have an Advisory Board of Directors, whose role will be to advise the President and Chief Executive Officer in the performance of his duties. The Board will exchange its views by email in the interest of reducing expenses.

President: The Founding President will be the Chief Executive Officer of the The Ambassador’s Club.

Honorary Patron: The Secretary General of the United Nations shall be the Honorary Patron of The Ambassador’s Club.