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Current Programs

Thu-20Jan11-1000-1130 Michigan Human Rights - milestones Kamal
Thu-03Feb11-1000-1130 Michigan Human Rights – violations Nadya Rasheed
Thu-10Feb11-1000-1130 Michigan Human Rights – accountability Haapea
Wed-16Feb11-1830-2100 FairleighDickinsonT Bolivia and its Role in Latin America Solon
Thu-17Feb11-1000-1130 Michigan Human Rights – poverty as a violation Lucas
Thu-17Feb11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Power of diplomacy McLay
Tue-22Feb11-1000-1130 FairleighDickinsonV Egypt – Impact of its Unfolding Events Agathocleous
Thu-24Feb11-1000-1130 Michigan Human Rights – current status Turpin
Thu-24Feb11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Globalisation and Development Galvez
Wed-02Mar11-1830-2100 FairleighDickinsonM Palestine – Past, Present, and Future Mansour
Thu-03Mar11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Disarmament, terrorism, global security Rydell
Thu-10Mar11-1000-1130 Michigan Human Rights – women Walsh
Thu-10Mar11-1420-1540 Stonybrook International Criminal Court Haapea
Thu-17Mar11-1000-1130 Michigan Human Rights – children Owens, Makome
Thu-17Mar11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Peacekeeping LeCoq
Thu-24Mar11-1000-1130 Michigan Human Rights – indigenous peoples Roy
Thu-24Mar11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Womens Rights Walsh
Thu-31Mar11-1000-1130 Michigan Human Rights – NGOs Pomi
Thu-31Mar11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Migration and Internal Displacement Al-Rifai
Fri-01Apr11-0900-1800 FloridaInternational South Asia in a Changing World Kamal
Wed-06Apr11-1830-2100 FairleighDickinsonT Afghanistan and its Neighborhood Tanin
Thu-07Apr11-1000-1130 Michigan Human Rights – US and UN Nemroff, Lapenn
Thu-07Apr11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Environment and climate change Sniffen
Tue-12Apr10-1000-1130 FairleighDickinsonV Democracy and Strife in Africa Ojiambo
Thu-14Apr11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Rule of Law or Rule of Power Keating
Tue-26Apr11-1830-2100 MercyOSL Kazakhstan – a Giant in Asia Aitimova
Tue-03May11-1830-2100 Manhattanville Our Changing World Laurenti
Thu-08Sep11-1630-1745 GeorgeMason Introduction to the UN System Kamal
Thu-15Sep11-1000-1130 Michigan Introduction to human rights Kamal
Thu-15Sep11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Power of diplomacy Kamal
Thu-15Sep11-1630-1745 GeorgeMason GA and UN reform McLay
Thu-22Sep11-1000-1130 Michigan Basic documents and bodies Turpin
Thu-22Sep11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Globalization and economic development Platz
Thu-22Sep11-1630-1745 GeorgeMason Diplomacy and negotiating skills Laurenti
Thu-29Sep11-1000-1130 Michigan Human rights violations Rasheed
Thu-29Sep11-1630-1745 GeorgeMason Regionalism and decision making Vrailas
Wed-04Oct11-1830-2100 Fairleigh DickinsonM Japan in the world Nishida
Thu-06Oct11-1000-1130 Michigan ICC and R2P McLay
Thu-06Oct11-1420-1540 Stonybrook International Criminal Court Barriga
Thu-06Oct11-1630-1745 GeorgeMason WMD Rydell
Wed-11Oct11-1830-2100 Fairleigh DickinsonT Mexico in North America Claude
Thu-13Oct11-1000-1130 Michigan Poverty as a violation Lucas
Thu-13Oct11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Peacekeeping, humanitarian work, R2P LeCoq
Thu-13Oct11-1630-1745 GeorgeMason International law and treaties Lee
Thu-20Oct11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Disarmament, terrorism, global security Rydell
Thu-20Oct11-1630-1745 GeorgeMason Aid, development, BWIs Gutierrez
Wed-25Oct11-1830-2100 Fairleigh DickinsonM Syria and Recent Events Jaafari
Thu-27Oct11-1000-1130 Michigan Childrens rights Owens
Thu-27Oct11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Migrants, refugees, IDPs Cook
Thu-27Oct11-1630-1745 GeorgeMason Human rights concerns Bukhari
Tue-01Nov11-1430-1600 DePaul European debt and its Impact Vrailas
Thu-03Nov11-1000-1130 Michigan Womens rights Walsh
Tue-03Nov11-1200-1400 FairleighDickinsonV Arab Spring Al-Mouallimi
Thu-03Nov11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Environment and climate change Sniffen
Thu-03Nov11-1630-1745 GeorgeMason Environmental concerns Sniffen
Wed-08Nov11-1830-2100 Fairleigh DickinsonT Luxembourg and Poverty Alleviation Lucas
Thu-10Nov11-1000-1130 Michigan Indigenous rights Chandra Roy
Thu-10Nov11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Women’s rights Walsh
Thu-10Nov11-1630-1745 GeorgeMason Field operations, NGOs, TNCs Muscroft
Tue-15Nov11-1000-1130 FairleighDickinsonV Outer space Abdelaziz
Thu-17Nov11-1000-1130 Michigan NGOs and Human Rights Pomi
Thu-17Nov11-1420-1540 Stonybrook Rule of Law or Rule of Power + NGOs Agathocleous
Wed-30Nov11-1600-1730 Skidmore Sustainable development Montes
Thu-01Dec11-1000-1130 Michigan US – UN relations Razzouk
Thu-01Dec11-1630-1745 GeorgeMason Peacekeeping LeCoq
Thu-08Dec11-1630-1745 GeorgeMason Global issues and UN reform Aitimova
Thu-15Dec11-1630-1900 GeorgeMason Finals Kamal