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The Ambassador's Club at the United Nations

The Ambassador's Club is a "virtual" program of interactive out-reach, linking a voluntary association of Ambassadors and senior International Civil Servants at the United Nations with students and executives in the United States and a few other countries.

The Secretary General of the United Nations is the Honorary Patron of The Ambassador's Club.

The objective of The Ambassador's Club is to create a better understanding in tomorrow's leaders of what the United Nations is, and what its numerous programs do to make the world a safer place.

It attempts to achieve this objective through frequent video-conferences and on-site lectures. In the case of universities, the video-conferences sessions are typically a full semester long, with class-rooms of students in their respective universities interfacing directly with Ambassadors and senior International Civil Servants at the United Nations, on subjects which fall within the framework of their courses. Other interested groups choose the themes on which they would like to draw on the experience and hands-on expertise of individuals working in the global arena. In the case of on-site lectures, Ambassadors meet students and faculty in the universities and other institutions face-to-face.

In the thirteen years since this "virtual" club was founded, The Ambassador's Club has organized almost 700 video-conferences. More than 300 ambassadors and senior civil servants have participated in these sessions, and more than 28,000 student hours of teaching have been completed through direct contacts between ambassadors and students under this program.

The Ambassador's Club is currently limiting its regular semester out-reach programs to about a dozen universities in the United States. A limited number of programs have been organized with universities outside the United States also. With adequate advance notice, special one-time single-topic video-conferences or on-site lectures can be organized with other universities or groups of interested executives also.