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DPI hosts first ever UN Book Days, 9-10 October at Headquarters
08 October 2008 / 02:28

[Dateline: New York | Author: iSeek]

UN Book Days, 9-10 October 2008, United Nations Headquarters, New YorkThe Outreach Division of the Department of Public Information is hosting the first ever UN Book Days on 9 and 10 October 2008 in the visitor's lobby at Headquarters in New York.


Secretary-General BAN Ki-moon will attend the UN Book Days launch.


UN Book Days is featuring an extensive range of publications, the first time that such a selection has been brought together in one location. Titles from the United Nations and the UN system, as well as from a number of other important intergovernmental organizations will be on hand.


"I don't think many people realize the significance of the United Nations as a publisher and how important books are to its activities," said Eric Falt, Director of the Outreach Division and Chairman of the United Nations Publications Board. "Collected together, the published output of the UN system would rival that of most publishers, and few could match the breadth of subjects covered in the books that surround us. Books are how we document our work, and, more importantly, they are the medium through which we establish international norms and communicate the knowledge and ideas that we hope will be the foundation for a better world."


The event also provides a unique opportunity to learn about the latest electronic resources, products and services available from UN system organizations for use in learning, teaching and research.


A highlight of UN Book Days will be the launch of the on-line edition of the renowned Yearbook of the United Nations, giving readers even quicker access to all 59 published volumes. The Yearbook of the United Nations, 2005 and earlier editions are available for purchase at the UN Bookshop and through the UN Publications web site.


The United Nations offers for sale approximately 900 new titles each year, published in a number of locations and on a range of subjects that reflects the very diversity of issues covered by the organizations themselves.


As the leader for setting international norms in data gathering, the United Nations' statistical databases hold over 55 million data points, which find their outlet in published form through a range of popular Yearbooks as well as a new internet portal called UNdata.


As befits its role in international law, the United Nations has published over 158,000 treaties in a series that spans 2,200 volumes, all accessible to readers both in print and online in the UN Treaty Collection.


UN Book Days is designed as a forum for academia, teachers, students, delegates, businessmen, librarians and the public at large to learn more about and interact with the many organizations attending. In addition to traditional table top displays for publications and other materials, presentations will be run throughout the event providing an excellent opportunity for attendees to interact directly with representatives from almost thirty United Nations system and international organizations.