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Girls Gold

The Türkmen Girls Silverware and Goldware

Our historical silverware and goldware have come to be the favourites of women as beautiful as fairies. The Türkmen horse should be on view at every event. Our historical silver- and goldware that somehow appear in the world market are priceless. Famous movie artists, theatre stars, famous women of arts and letters would deem it a privilege to own Türkmen-made silver- and goldware.

Pay attention to the jewellery worn by Türkmen girls; the gupba-tuvulga, çekelik-bukav protects the neck from attacks with swords, the gülýaka protects the chest. The bracelet covers the wrist, and various pieces attached on the front and back of dresses prevent injuries from arrows and spears. If the Türkmen girl wears all her jewellery, she becomes like a warrior shielded by her jewellery. Calculations tell us that a woman should be carrying a total of 36 kilograms of silver and gold if she wears all her jewellery. The Türkmen praises the woman highly.